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Females have a greater susceptibility to Torsade de Pointes in congenital and drug-induced long QT syndrome (LQTS) that has been attributed to the modulation of ion channel expression by sex hormones. However, little is known regarding sex differences in pre-puberty, that is, before the surge of sexual hormones. In patients with congenital LQTS types 1 and(More)
BACKGROUND Molecularly engineered mice are extensively used as models of cardiovascular diseases, yet little is known about sex differences in the electrophysiology of mouse hearts. METHODS AND RESULTS This study investigated the influence of sex on drug-induced polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (PVT) in Langendorff-perfused male and female mice hearts(More)
HIV-protease inhibitors (PIs) markedly decreased mortality of HIV-infected patients. However, their use has been associated with occurence of metabolic abnormalities the causes of which are not well understood. We report here that lopinavir, one of the most prescribed PI, dose-dependently co-induced insulin resistance and ER stress in human adipocytes(More)
A prospective case-control study was designed to confirm the higher plasma concentration of aluminium in primary spontaneous pneumothorax patients recently reported in literature. Ten consecutive patients with PSP entered the study. Comparison with the control group obtained from the database of the Pharmacology Department did not show any significant(More)
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