Milos Stefanovic

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Speech coding at very low bit rates has many applications such as answering machines, IP telephony, mobile communications, military communications etc. In this paper we describe a speech coder capable of operating at both 2.4 and 1.2kb/s, and produces good quality synthesised speech. The basic principle of the coder is based on frequency domain vocoding(More)
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has launched a competition for a new mobile communications standard designed to provide better performance than the current GSM standard. This standard is to be called AMR for Adaptive Multi-Rate: the source and channel coding rates can be adapted depending on the state of the channel, thus(More)
The current GSM standard is a fixed rate system which has been optimised to give good performance in all channel conditions. However since the channel conditions in a terrestrial mobile communication network such as GSM vary significantly between the best and the worst case, the existing GSM speech and channel coding performance can be improved by(More)
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