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Previous two-site immunometric assays for creatine kinase (CK; EC MB isoenzyme have been based on formation of a "sandwich" complex involving CK-MB and antibodies that recognize the CK-MM and the CK-BB isoenzymes. Single-incubation model assays of CK-MB with these antibodies were susceptible to interferences by CK-MM and CK-BB. We produced two(More)
A 46-year-old man presented with severe pain in our emergency department. In addition he had macrohematuria, the further medical history was inconspicuous. The pain showed to be resistant to therapy, therefore we performed a CT scan of the abdomen. The CT scan showed a partial embolism of the right renal artery, a thrombus of the aorta thoracica as well as(More)
A “three-isoenzymediagram” has been devised to visualize the alkaline phosphatase profile quickly. Activities of the individual isoenzymes can then be estimatedfrom the diagram. Each vertexrepresents a pure alkalinephosphatase isoenzyme,thusforming a trianglewith three alkalinephosphatase isoenzymes, each side of the triangle describing the concentration(More)
INTRODUCTION In literature cystic tumours and carcinomas of the urachus are commonly described, also the secondary infection of a urachal cyst leading to an abscess is not unusual. But a foreign body penetrating after spontaneous perforation into an existing bland urachal cyst leading to an abscess is extremely rare and not described in literature. Although(More)
Because of the vasoactive properties of thromboxane A2 and other related prostaglandins, much research has been conducted on drugs which alter their levels. Urinary levels of thromboxane B2 and 2,3-dinor thromboxane B2 (major urinary metabolite of thromboxane B2) are used as an indication of thromboxane production in-vivo. In order to accurately measure(More)
We report an analytical system in which glucose oxidase immobilized on controlled-pore glass is used. The immobilized glucose oxidase was packed in a column that was part of a continuous-flow system. Oxygen depletion of the buffer was measured with a Clark-type electrode, and the resulting data were stored on tape and then evaluated with a PDP-12 computer.(More)