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Applications ranging from algorithmic trading to scientific data analysis require real-time analytics based on views over databases receiving thousands of updates each second. Such views have to be kept fresh at millisecond latencies. At the same time, these views have to support classical SQL, rather than window semantics, to enable applications that(More)
The Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) meta-heuristic deals with combinatorial optimization problems. It is biologically inspired method that explores collective intelligence applied by the honey bees during nectar collecting process. In this paper we perform empirical study of the BCO algorithm. We apply BCO to optimize numerous numerical test functions. The(More)
Many analytics tasks and machine learning problems can be naturally expressed by iterative linear algebra programs. In this paper, we study the incremental view maintenance problem for such complex analytical queries. We develop a framework, called LINVIEW, for capturing deltas of linear algebra programs and understanding their computational cost. Linear(More)
As the world becomes more interdependent and computing grows more collaborative, there is a need for new abstractions and tools to help users work together. We recently introduced entangled queries – a mechanism for information exchange between database queries [6]. In this paper, we introduce entangled transactions, units of work similar to traditional(More)
In the quest for valuable information, modern big data applications continuously monitor streams of data. These applications demand low latency stream processing even when faced with high volume and velocity of incoming changes and the user's desire to ask complex queries. In this paper, we study low-latency incremental computation of complex SQL queries in(More)