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In order to generate and establish the database for forensic identification purposes in Vojvodina Province (Serbia), the sequence of the hypervariable regions 1 (HV1) and 2 (HV2) of the mtDNA control region were determined in a population of 104 unrelated individuals from Vojvodina Province, using a fluorescent-based capillary electrophoresis sequencing(More)
Previous studies have documented gender-related differences in a number of aspects of the pharmacology of opiates, including their analgesic activity, stimulative properties and generation of physical dependence. The current experiments were carried out with the aim to examine whether male-female differences exist in the blood and brain levels of opiates(More)
Seventeen Y-chromosomal STR (short tandem repeat) loci were analyzed in a group of 185 healthy unrelated male individuals (n=185) from the population of Serbian province of Vojvodina. After minimal haplotype STR loci analysis we observed 129 different haplotypes. The most frequent haplotype was found in 13 copies, and total haplotype diversity was 99.11%.(More)
Lignin, the structural polymer of the plant cell walls, is produced by free radical polymerization of phenolic alcohols, catalyzed by different peroxidases. The mechanism and the structural organization of lignin in the cell have not been completely understood. In this study we applied fractal analysis to images of lignin polymer obtained using scanning(More)
Some drivers with positive forensic ethanol analyses, offer an explanation that they consumed alcohol a short time before a traffic accident or after driving. In medico legal practice this is commonly known as hip-flask defense, but to us as "cognac alibi" defense. In these cases, the lawyers require the medico legal experts to offer as much information as(More)
Fractal analysis was applied to images of photochemical lignin polymer obtained using scanning tunneling microscope. We studied the polymer obtained in vitro by ionic mechanism through UV radiation--induced polymerization. The analysis showed the regularity of the lignin-like polymer at different levels of organization. At the 95% confidence level, there(More)