Milos Jovanovic

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Clustering algorithms are well-established and widely used for solving data-mining tasks. Every clustering algorithm is composed of several solutions for specific sub-problems in the clustering process. These solutions are linked together in a clustering algorithm, and they define the process and the structure of the algorithm. Frequently, many of these(More)
We propose a generic decision tree framework that supports reusable components design. The proposed generic decision tree framework consists of several sub-problems which were recognized by analyzing well-known decision tree induction algorithms, namely ID3, C4.5, CART, CHAID, QUEST, GUIDE, CRUISE, and CTREE. We identified reusable components in these(More)
INTRODUCTION The causes leading to dislocation of the natural lenses are different involving injuries, hereditary diseases and spontaneous dislocation. Spontaneous dislocation of a transparent natural lens is extremely rare, especially dislocation of the anterior eye chamber. We report a case of spontaneous dislocation of the transparent natural lens to the(More)
One of the useful properties of probiotic bacteria is their capacity to bind different targets, thus eliminating them through feces. It is supposed that one of these targets could be cadmium, a widespread environmental toxicant that causes various disturbances in biological systems. This study examined the protective effects of probiotic supplementation(More)
The importance of the extracellular matrix (ECM) glycoprotein tenascin-C (TnC) and the ECM degrading enzymes, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) -2 and -9, in cerebellar histogenesis is well established. This study aimed to examine whether there is a functional relationship between these molecules in regulating structural plasticity of the lateral deep(More)
OBJECTIVE The object of the study was to present successfully performed decompression of the orbit in orbital hematoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS Male, 51 years of age sustained the contusion injury of the right eye during his fall on the bath tap. It caused the development of a large orbital hematoma with protrusion, restricted movement of the eyeball, pain,(More)
Typical data mining algorithms follow a so called “black-box” paradigm, where the logic is hidden from the user not to overburden him. We show that “white-box” algorithms constructed with reusable components design can have significant benefits for researchers, and end users as well. We developed a component-based algorithm design platform, and used it for(More)
This paper presents a contribution to the study of control law structures and to the selection of relevant sensory information for humanoid robots in situations where dynamic balance is jeopardized. In the example considered, the system first experiences a large disturbance, then by an appropriate control action, resumes a “normal” posture of standing on(More)