Milos Ercegovac

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Physics-based animation has enormous potential to im- prove the realism of interactive entertainment through dy- namic, immersive content creation. Despite the massively parallel nature of physics simulation, fully exploiting this parallelism to reach interactive frame rates will require significant area to place the large number of cores. For- tunately,(More)
Photon mapping is a popular technique for high-quality image rendering. Compared to other global illumination techniques, it has promising potential to be accelerated towards real-time. In this paper we study the possibility of using application-specific accelerators for two key operations used in photon mapping: a tree search operation and a shader(More)
Table lookup based function computation can significantly save energy consumption. However existing table lookup methods are mostly used in ASIC designs for some fixed functions. The goal of this paper is to enable table lookup computation in general-purpose processors, which requires adaptive lookup tables for different applications. We provide a complete(More)
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