Milos B. Stojanovic

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This paper presents a model for short-term load forecasting using least square support vector machines. Available data are analyzed and appropriate features are selected for the model. Last 24 hours load demands are used for features in combination with day in week and hour in day. It is shown that temperature is not always a very good feature for the(More)
In the deregulated energy market, the accuracy of load forecasting has a significant effect on the planning and operational decision making of utility companies. Electric load is a random non-stationary process influenced by a number of factors which make it difficult to model. To achieve better forecasting accuracy, a wide variety of models have been(More)
This paper presents an approach for the medium-term load forecasting using Support Vector Machines (SVMs). The proposed SVM model was employed to predict the maximum daily load demand for the period of a month. Analyses of available data were performed and the most important features for the construction of SVM model are selected. It was shown that the size(More)
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