Milorad M. Novicevic

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The need for highly qualified multicultural managers will increase as more organizations globalize their operations. These global managers may be perceived as organizational resources and, therefore, a resource-based view of human resource management is utilized. At the same time, relational view of human capital provides insight into the value of managers(More)
Developing multicultural management teams has gained increasing importance in many global organizations. One global staffing option Ð inpatriate managers Ð has the potential to provide a more multicultural management frame-of-reference when developing global strategies. Inpatriates have social knowledge of global operations and countries facilitating the(More)
As organizations globalize their operations, there is a heightened need to identify and select qualified managers for overseas assignments. The increased complexity of these foreign assignments necessitates a recalibration of the traditional selection procedures and processes used in the past. In particular, there is some evidence that expatriation becomes(More)
Time has become an integral part of our understanding of the context of organizations, particularly as the pace of change in business models continues to mirror the relatively fast evolution of technology. The importance of time is particularly magnified in the social context of organizational creativity, as innovation has become the key strategic(More)
In a recent review of human resource management (i.e. HRM) research issues, Ferris, Hochwarter, Buckley, Horell-Cook & Frink (1999) examine the foundation bases for the potential of human resource management to influence organizational policies and outcomes. In this foundation assessment, two distinct aspects dominate the field of HRM: economic and(More)
We examined the liability-of-foreignness (LOF) hypothesis for immigrant and native job seekers by analyzing a national dataset that tracks their use of job-search methods and their associated job outcomes in the Canadian labor market. To our knowledge this is the first empirical test of LOF at the individual-level while controlling for variables at multiple(More)
This paper proposes a cognitive approach of integrating marketing and intelligence views into a new "dual-perspective" SWOT framework. The new dimensions of SWOT are proposed to address the logical inconsistenciesJD.c£.d bv marketinl! manal!ers svntll£sfzinp SWOT components. By represiii consultants can capture th/"i;aria' .... . strategic sityation /¥9HI S(More)
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