Milon Mackey

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interconnects, clusters, sender-based, Hamlyn, Myrinet As the latency and bandwidth of multicomputer interconnection fabrics improve, there is a growing need for an interface between them and host processors that does not hide these gains behind software overhead. The Hamlyn interface architecture does this. It uses sender-based memory management to(More)
Immobilization leads to rapid loss of bone mass and mechanical competence, and long-term immobilization or repeated periods of short-term immobilization can have serious skeletal consequences and may lead to increased fracture liability. The aim of the present preclinical study was, therefore, to assess whether two antiresorptive agents, risedronate (Ris)(More)
Mach; UNIX/OSF; HP-PA; virtually addressed cache architecture; PA-RISC; virtual memory Mach shares memory between tasks by virtual address aliasing. This means a physical page can be mapped to more than one virtual page at a time. This works well on hardware architectures that use a physically addressed cache, but can cause some problems for architectures(More)
UNLABELLED The need exists for a small animal model with bone metabolic unit (BMU)-based remodeling to mimic the bone loss found in postmenopausal women. The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the ferret as a potential model for skeletal research. Specifically, we determined whether the ferret: 1) exhibits evidence of BMU-remodeling, 2) has a(More)
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