Milodar Kujundžić

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BACKGROUND PEP02 is a novel highly stable liposomal nanocarrier formulation of irinotecan. This randomized phase II study evaluated the efficacy and safety of single agent PEP02 compared with(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate acoustic radiation force impulse imaging (ARFI) of the liver and spleen as a new method for the noninvasive assessment of liver fibrosis (LF). MATERIALS AND METHODS Three groups(More)
OBJECTIVE   We sought to evaluate the effects of awareness of rhinomanometric results on subjective sensation of nasal breathing in patients after septoplasty. DESIGN   Prospective randomised(More)
AIM To evaluate the importance of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) protein overexpression and gene amplification in carcinogenesis of glottic cancer. METHOD In order to evaluate EGFR(More)