Milo Tomasevic

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Distributed shared memoy (DSM) systems have attracted considembie research efforts recently, since they combine the advantages of two different computer classes: shared memory multiprocessors and distn’buted systems. The most important one is the use of shared memory programming pamdigm on physically distributed In the first part of this paper,(More)
Histogramming is a tool commonly used in data analysis. Although its serial version is simple to implement, providing an efficient and scalable way to parallelize it can be challenging. This especially holds in case of platforms that contain one or several massively parallel devices like CUDA-capable GPUs due to issues with domain decomposition, use of(More)
The AVL and red-black trees are the suboptimal variants of the binary search trees which can achieve the logarithmic performance of the search operation withot an excessive cost of the optimal balancing. After presenting a brief theoretical background, the paper comparatively evaluates the performance of these two structures. The evaluation was performed by(More)