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OBJECTIVE To investigate in a single-center randomized control trial whether a single IVIg course improves short-term outcome in patients with postpolio syndrome (PPS). METHODS Fifty-one patients with PPS were randomly allocated to receive 2g/kg IVIg body weight or placebo infused over 5 consecutive days. The primary endpoint was health-related quality of(More)
Post-polio syndrome (PPS) is a clinical syndrome of new weakness, fatigue and musculoskeletal pain occurring in a variable proportion of polio survivors decades after acute disease. To date, several risk factors for PPS development have been reported, although the etiology of this disorder remains elusive. Using a case-control design, we aimed to assess(More)
The effects of ovine lentivirus infection on the fat, protein and lactose concentrations on the somatic cell counts in ewes' milk, on milk production and on the birth weight and growth of lambs were studied in a flock of Sardinian sheep from central Italy. Data on 61 lactations of ewes positive to both the agargel immunodiffusion test and an enzyme-linked(More)
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