Millicent P. Schmidt

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OBJECTIVES Determine whether surface dust grab samples taken from a large military base in Iraq are toxic and respirable. METHODS X-ray diffraction for mineral content, x-ray fluorescence for elemental content, in vivo mouse dust challenges for assessment of histological changes, bronchoalveolar lavage for cytokines, polarizing light microscopy for(More)
Total X-ray scattering and pair distribution function analysis are combined with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to identify key differences in structural properties between biogenic and synthetic samples of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC). Biogenic samples studied are gastroliths taken from the American lobster and are composed of hydrated ACC(More)
United States soldiers are returning from the Greater Middle East with respiratory illnesses ranging from new onset asthma to constrictive bronchiolitis. The etiology of the diseases is unknown. A study was conducted to determine the possible role of local mineral dust in the development of abnormal respiratory illnesses in soldiers during and after(More)
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