Millicent Masters

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We report that the genes abc, yaeC, and yaeE comprise metD, an Escherichia coli locus encoding a DL-methionine uptake system. MetD is an ABC transporter with Abc the ATPase, YaeE the permease, and YaeC the likely substrate binding protein. Expression of these genes is regulated by L-methionine and MetJ, a common repressor of the methionine regulon. We(More)
130 INTRODUCTION Genetic transduction is the transfer, from one cell to another, of nonviral genetic material within a viral coat. Transduction was discovered by Zinder and Lederberg in 1952 (217, 218) during a search for genetic recombination in salmonellae. Expecting to find conjugative transfer, they grew two mutant strains together. Recombinants were(More)
RNAI is a short RNA, 108 nt in length, which regulates the replication of the plasmid ColE1. RNAI turns over rapidly, enabling plasmid replication rate to respond quickly to changes in plasmid copy number. Because RNAI is produced in abundance, is easily extracted and turns over quickly, it has been used as a model for mRNA in studying RNA decay pathways.(More)
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