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Understanding the link between body image and binge eating: a model comparison approach
PurposeThe present study tests several competing, explanatory models—dual pathways, escape from awareness, and objectification theory—for the established link between body dissatisfaction and bingeExpand
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Does the burden of the experience sampling method undermine data quality in state body image research?
Despite growing popularity of experience sampling methodology (ESM) for evaluations of state-based components of body image, there have been concerns that the frequent repeated measurement mightExpand
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State Body Dissatisfaction and Social Interactions
To date, there has been limited empirical scrutiny of the correlates and consequences of day-to-day state body dissatisfaction fluctuations within naturalistic contexts. We used ecological momentaryExpand
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Tests of an extension of the dual pathway model of bulimic symptoms to the state-based level.
The dual pathway model proposes that trait body dissatisfaction leads to bulimic symptoms via two distinct pathways: dieting and trait negative affect. As many of these modelled variables haveExpand
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Improving prediction of binge episodes by modelling chronicity of dietary restriction.
This study evaluates the influences of chronicity of, and time lag between, dietary restriction and binge outcome for predicting binge episode onset. Sixty-two women aged 18 to 40 years old completedExpand
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When does behavior follow intent? Relationships between trait level dietary restraint and daily eating behaviors
BACKGROUND The relationship between self-report trait level restriction and daily engagement in restriction behaviors is not well understood, and as a result the usefulness of such trait levelExpand
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Optimizing prediction of binge eating episodes: a comparison approach to test alternative conceptualizations of the affect regulation model
BackgroundAlthough a wealth of studies have tested the link between negative mood states and likelihood of a subsequent binge eating episode, the assumption that this relationship follows a typicalExpand
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Reply to Dakanalis et al.’s ‘efforts to make clearer the relationship between body dissatisfaction and binge eating’
Dakanalis and colleagues [1] raise concern that our conclusion in Holmes et al. [2] of superiority of the dual pathway model [3] over competing models (escape from awareness [4] and objectificationExpand