Millais Culpin

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These disorders seem to conform to the conception of "functional nervous disorder" in the narrow sense of the phrase. Specific difficulties in writers' cramp, however, often found to have symbolic significance to the patient. Cramp frequently one symptom in a larger syndrome. Both writers' and telegraphists' cramp are excrescences upon an underlying(More)
The nineteenth century conception of neurasthenia is giving way to a psychological aetiology and classification. Quotations show that the older conception dies hard, and varied physical factors are invoked as causes of tropical neurasthenia.Australian experience shows the physical factors present without "neurasthenia." It is suggested that mal-adjustment(More)
An inquiry into telegraphists' cramp showed an unsuspected prevalence of psychoneurotic symptoms among a control group of presumably healthy people. Learners in the school of telegraphy contained 19 per cent. of subjects having symptoms of significant severity.These people with symptoms of minor psychoses are probably subject to excessive loss of time(More)