Milkós Palkovits

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Over 60% of patients with Cushing's syndrome suffer from major depression, which frequently abates after correction of the hypercortisolism. The mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic (DAergic) systems are thought to participate in psychiatric disorders. In this study, we investigated whether hypercortisolemia affects indices of DAergic activity in the(More)
The development of new molecular and neurobiological methods, computer-assisted quantification techniques and neurobiological investigation methods which can be applied to the human brain, all have evoked an increased demand for post-mortem tissue in research. Psychiatric disorders are considered to be of neurobiological origin. Thus far, however, the(More)
The latest results concerning the chemically identified central nervous system (CNS) neurons are summarized. Only those observations proved by morphological or biochemical methods in individual regions are utilized. During the last decade the presence and topography of almost 40 substances have been identified in the CNS. This review aims to demonstrate(More)
The nature of the genetic defects which define the obese (ob) and diabetes (db) loci in mice remain unknown, but both produce similar syndromes when maintained in the same strain of mice. There is some evidence suggesting a lesion in the central nervous system (CNS) in db/db mice, while ob/ob mice appear to have a primary lesion outside the CNS. In a search(More)
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