Miljan Milosevic

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Digital image correlation method (DIC) is becoming a common method in determining mechanical properties of biomaterials. DIC using 3D optical measuring system has very broad application in dentistry research field. Application of DIC technique in experimental biomechanical analysis using software Aramis for 3D displacement/strain measurement is presented in(More)
In this paper we present our work on three silicon waveguide structures that are suitable for three different wavelength regions: near-, mid-and far-infrared. Design rules for standard rib SOI waveguides are given. Both single mode and polarisation independence in these waveguides are discussed. A hollow core waveguide suitable for gas sensing applications(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are known to be a harbinger of cancer metastasis. The CTCs are known to circulate as individual cells or as a group of interconnected cells called CTC clusters. Since both single CTCs and CTC clusters have been detected in venous blood samples of cancer patients, they needed to traverse at least one capillary bed when crossing(More)
One of the purposes of this study was to examine whether b-wave measurements can be used in the evaluation of scotopic spectral sensitivity in Prussian carp measurements when the eyes were surgically deprived of cornea, lens, and most of the vitreous. Another goal was testing the new fitting procedure for A2-based photopigments. Using fitted amplitude-log(More)
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