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The objective of this paper is to measure the productive efficiency of banks in a developing country, that is, India. The measurement of efficiency is done using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Two models have been constructed to show how efficiency scores vary with change in inputs and outputs. The efficiency scores, for three groups of banks, that is,(More)
We investigate the factors influencing the intention to use of mobile value added services in the Pacific island of Fiji. Technology adoption literature suggests that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use influence intention to adopt new technology. However, behavioral research suggests that intention to adopt is influenced by social norms. We(More)
Though it is contended that mobile value added services (MVAS) can help growth of small and micro-enterprises, few empirical studies have investigated the drivers of MVAS adoption particularly by women entrepreneurs. Our study fills this important gap in the literature by specifically focusing on women micro-enterprises (WMEs) in a Pacific island(More)
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