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The optimal treatment of chronic pilonidal sinus is a matter of debate. Although excision and suture offers faster healing, it is associated with an increased incidence of wound infection. This study compared excision and primary closure of pilonidal sinus using incorporated gentamicin impregnated collagen with conventional laying open. Consecutive patients(More)
Samples of the toxic Brazilian plant, Baccharis coridifolia, which is responsible for numerous cases of livestock poisoning in southern Brazil and Argentina, were collected during the growing season, and the toxicities in calves of the plant materials were correlated with the levels of macrocyclic trichothecenes present. Female plants in flower were(More)
In contrast to females, male faecal incontinence has received little attention. We investigate its pattern and management at a large UK teaching hospital. Men presenting with faecal incontinence between January 2006 and December 2008 were identified from a gastrointestinal physiology database and classified into faecal leakage or faecal incontinence on the(More)
  • M M Rao, D Jayne
  • 2011
AIM   In spite of recent advances in technology and technique, laparoscopic colorectal surgery is associated with increased operating times when compared with open surgery. This increases the risk of acute lower limb compartment syndrome. The aim of this review was to gain a better understanding of postoperative lower limb compartment syndrome following(More)
Cyclooxygenase (COX) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the synthesis of prostaglandins. It exists in two isoforms: COX-1 which is constitutively expressed and COX-2 which is an inducible form activated by a variety of cytokines during inflammation. Interest in this enzyme arose in the early 1990s when, following epidemiological studies, aspirin (which is a COX(More)
— We analyze a class of Generalized Two-Ray (GTR) fading channels that consist of two line of sight (LOS) components with random phase plus a diffuse component. We derive a closed-form expression for the moment generating function (MGF) of the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for this model, which greatly simplifies its analysis. This expression arises from the(More)
BACKGROUND Necrotising Fasciitis is a life threatening soft tissue infection which requires aggressive, early surgical management. CASE PRESENTATION We present a rare case of a retroperitoneal perforation of a carcinoma of the caecum presenting as a necrotising fasciitis of the anterior abdominal wall. CONCLUSION This case highlights the importance of(More)
MOTIVATION Recent advancements in sequencing technology have led to a drastic reduction in the cost of sequencing a genome. This has generated an unprecedented amount of genomic data that must be stored, processed and transmitted. To facilitate this effort, we propose a new lossy compressor for the quality values presented in genomic data files (e.g. FASTQ(More)
The Two Wave with Diffuse Power (TWDP) fading model was proposed by Durgin, Rappaport and de Wolf as a generalization of the Rayleigh and Rician fading models. This model can characterize a large range of fading behavior and has a geometric justification in terms of two dominant line of sight components in the presence of a diffuse component. The fact that(More)
We consider a wind power producer (WPP) participating in a dynamically evolving two settlement power market. We study the utility of energy storage for a WPP in maximizing its expected profit. With random wind and price processes, the optimal forward contract and storage charging/discharging decisions are formulated as solutions of an infinite horizon(More)