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Stanza Type Identification using Systematization of Versification System of Hindi Poetry
The paper covers various challenges and the best possible solutions for those challenges, describing the methodology to generate automatic metadata for “Chhand” based on the poems’ stanzas, and provides some advanced information and techniques for metadata generation for ”Muktak Chhands”.
Computational linguistic prosody rule-based unified technique for automatic metadata generation for Hindi poetry
This research paper majorly focuses on the unified-rule based technique for the generation of metadata based on the different set of rules of prosody, which was able to achieve 98.09% accuracy with the implementation of this unified- rule based technique.
Towards Natural Language Processing with Figures of Speech in Hindi Poetry
This work is the first of its kind in Hindi Natural Language Processing (NLP), which touches on the area of Hindi figure of speech and has created a systematic hierarchical structure of Hindi “Alankaar” types and sub-types and attempted and extended the work to identify a few.
A Study to Recognize Printed Gujarati Characters Using Tesseract OCR
This paper is trying to enlighten the use of Tesseract to recognize Gujarati characters with the help of already available trained data for Gujarati Script.