Milind Kansara

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Acyl-CoAsynthetase (ACS) is a key gene for cellular utilization of long-chain fatty acids. We characterized its regulation by physiological concentrations of insulin that acutely regulate metabolism. Our results demonstrate that subnanomolar insulin rapidly and maximally stimulates ACS gene transcription in the absence of protein synthesis; 0.5 nM insulin(More)
Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from 298 clones have been generated from a randomly primed, normalized human adult thymus cDNA library. We describe the chromosomal localization of 136 of these ESTs by PCR-based mapping to a human monochromosomal somatic cell hybrid panel. Data base similarities to known genes are also described. A subset (n = 18) of these(More)
It is often necessary to perform denoising in speech processing system operating in highly noisy environment. Wavelet transform is one of the most promising techniques used in signal processing, due to its ability to decompose signals and to reduce noise having non-stationary characteristics. Wavelet Packet transform is the advantageous over wavelet(More)
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