Milind Bhagavat

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I n this paper, nonlinear finite element analysis i s employed to study the soft-finger contact mechanics. Two fingertips of the same material but with different sizes are analyzed. The results are compared with experiments to support the power-law theory proposed by Xydas and K a o [15]. The material properties used in the F E M analysis are based upon(More)
The susceptibility of MEMS devices, treated with anti-stiction coatings, to stiction in a low humidity environment has been investigated for the first time. Wafer-level testing with a pull-in/pull-out voltage technique and current compliant source was used to detect stiction on capped and uncapped wafers. Devices capped in dry Nitrogen environment were(More)
Wire saw, with its ability to cut very thin wafers from large diameter crystalline ingots of semiconductor materials, has emerged as a leading technology for wafer production in semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. Nevertheless, the wire saw cutting process remains lacking a theoretical methodology and is not properly understood. The modern times(More)
We report here on a novel 3-axis MEMS accelerometer intended to meet the requirements of a high volume, very low cost sensor in consumer gaming and hand-held applications. In order to balance the performance and cost requirements of such applications, this device achieves 3-axis sensing with a single proof-mass. This accomplishment required significant(More)
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