Milica Stojmenovic

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The problem of recognizing an individual using minutiae of fingerprints can be considered as a point matching problem. However, several factors such as the translation, rotation and deformation of the fingerprints as well as the presence of spurious minutiae and the absence of genuine minutiae, make it difficult to find correspondent minutia-pairs. In this(More)
In the field of HCI, website usability and visual appeal have been studied extensively. Participant experience with a website genre influences the use and perception of the website. Word-of-Mouth (WOM), such as user reviews, influences users in hotel, restaurant, movie, and many other e-commerce domains. Thus, a company's or product's reputation can alter a(More)
In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the usability and aesthetics of webpages have been studied extensively. However, research into participant experience and expertise with the website domain being studied is often overlooked. This paper strived to acquire an understanding of the relationship between usability and visual appeal by examining it in a domain(More)
Social Network Analysis (SNA) was performed on a number of emergency response scenarios, including here on two Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) simulations. However, little evidence exists in the literature pertaining to the explanation of communication breakdowns using SNA. In this paper, the SNAs of two CBRNE simulations(More)
This article investigates how information diffuses in Douban, an online social network. First, we analyze properties of the user relationships in Douban, observing its degree distribution, network reciprocity, and degree of separation. Second, we propose a method that infers how the information diffuses through this network. Subsequently, using this method(More)
App stores allow developers to publish new updates directly to users. Users evaluate and leave public reviews of their opinions and experiences for others to see. App ratings and reviews are a purchase determinant for users, and are free user-based usability tests. Existing literature offers approaches to extract information from or to summarise app(More)
We investigate the group growth in online social networks, by analyzing six different user groups (two million users in total) in Douban Network. The size and longevity of posts in the Douban dataset demonstrate a power-law distribution with exponential cutoff and heavy tail, respectively. The frequency of user interactions follows a two-stage power-law(More)