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The problem of static scheduling of independent tasks on homogeneous multiprocessor systems is studied in this paper. The problem is solved by the Bee Colony Optimization (BCO). The BCO algorithm belongs to the class of stochastic swarm optimization methods. The proposed algorithm is inspired by the foraging habits of bees in the nature. The BCO algorithm(More)
Keywords : OR in medicine Case-based reasoning Well differentiated thyroid cancer Meta-heuristics Bee Colony Optimization a b s t r a c t Thyroid cancers are the most common endocrine carcinomas. Case-based reasoning (CBR) is used in this paper to describe a physician ' s expertise , intuition and experience when treating patients with well differentiated(More)
Networks have changed our life style drastically in last 10 years. We always want to stay connected to an external network like Internet or Intranet with the help of wireless communication. A lot of research has been in done this field to explore the best and the optimum protocols which can be used in Mobile Ad-hoc networks (MANETS), Wireless Sensor(More)
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