Milica Milivojevic

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During infection by invasive bacteria, epithelial cells contribute to innate immunity via the local secretion of inflammatory cytokines. These are directly produced by infected cells or by uninfected bystanders via connexin-dependent cell-cell communication. However, the cellular pathways underlying this process remain largely unknown. Here we perform a(More)
The variation of the Randić index R(G) of a graph G is defined by R(G) =  uv∈E(G) 1 max{d(u),d(v)} , where d(u) is the degree of vertex u and the summation extends over all edges uv of G. Let G(k, n) be the set of connected simple n-vertex graphs with minimum vertex degree k. In this paper we found in G(k, n) graphs for which the variation of the Randić(More)
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