Milica Andelic

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The Q-index of a simple graph is the largest eigenvalue of its signless Laplacian. As for the adjacency spectrum, we will show that in the set of connected bipartite graphs with fixed order and size, the bipartite graphs with maximal Q-index are the double nested graphs. We provide a sequence of (in)equalities regarding the principal eigenvector of the(More)
Supportive therapy of concentrated leukocytes and platelets has no obvious significance. In the paper authors presented the methods of separation of concentrated leukocytes and platelets, investigation of number and functional abilities of preserved leukocytes and platelets as well as the monitoring of the transfusion effect in the patients with acute(More)
In the treatment of acute leukoses, from the first onset of the disease till the occurrence of the first remission, as well as in the course of intesive hemiotherapy, the substitution therapy by blood derivatives has the great importance. Anaemia, granulocytopenia, hypoproteinaemia and hemorrhagic syndroms, caused by thrombocytopenia, liver diseases and(More)