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  • M Laird
  • Journal of the American Mosquito Control…
  • 1990
The latest mosquito survey of the warmer regions of New Zealand (NZ) sampled 2,304 larval mosquito habitats of all major categories. While revealing no evidence of new establishments of exotic mosquitoes, it produced important data revealing the underutilization of types of habitats that could be invaded now or in the future (especially if the "greenhouse(More)
Since a 1988-89 survey of northern New Zealand revealed no additions to the known mosquito fauna, this country's used tire importations have much increased. Relevant entomological quarantine was thus monitored in a November 1992-January 1993 Auckland project, during which almost 1/3 of 8,549 casings from Japan proved wet on inspection. In this study and at(More)
Now reported as parasitizing the ovaries of female Aedes albopictus on Kabeshima (33.33N x 129.53E), Coelomomyces stegomyiae var. stegomyiae had been found earlier in larvae of this mosquito on Mikura-jima (33.53N x 139.35E). These findings from 2 widely separated little Japanese islands constitute the parasite's most northerly records to date. Few previous(More)
UNLABELLED Currently, the bacterial composition of raw milk in tanker trucks and the outcomes of transfer and storage of that milk at commercial processing facilities are not well understood. We set out to identify the bacteria in raw milk collected for large-scale dairy product manufacturing. Raw bovine milk samples from 899 tanker trucks arriving at two(More)