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The metabolism of inhaled vinylidene chloride in rats represents a balance of biotransformation pathways leading to the formation of a reactive alkylating species which is normally detoxified by conjugation with glutathione. Detoxification of the reactive intermediate formed from inhaled VDC is dependent upon the availability of hepatic glutathione (GSH);(More)
Robust species delimitations are fundamental for conservation, evolutionary, and systematic studies, but they can be difficult to estimate, particularly in rapid and recent radiations. The consensus that species concepts aim to identify evolutionarily distinct lineages is clear, but the criteria used to distinguish evolutionary lineages differ based on the(More)
Telomeres are nucleoprotein complexes comprised of tandem arrays of repetitive DNA sequence that serve to protect chromosomal termini from inappropriate degradation, as well as to prevent these natural DNA ends from being recognized as broken DNA (double-strand breaks) and triggering of inappropriate DNA damage responses. Preservation of telomere length(More)
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