Miles Foran

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High performance liquid chromatographic methods for measuring the concentration of vitamins A and D in fluid milk were validated and used to assess the level of these nutrients in Ontario retail milk samples. Thirteen and fifteen fortified milk samples were tested for vitamins A and D, respectively. Repeatability relative standard deviation values for(More)
World Energy Outlook, WEO2006. http://www.worldenergyoutlook. org/. World Wind Energy Association, Zaaijer M B, 2002. Foundation models for the dynamic response of offshore wind turbines. Marine Renewable Energy Conference, Newcastle, UK. Zhu S P, 1993. ‘Diffraction of short-crested waves around a circular cylinder’, Ocean(More)
1. Corporations with geographically dispersed populations need to provide flexible health promotion programs tailored to meet specific employee interests and needs. 2. Bell Atlantic developed a dispersed model approach based on the transtheoretical model of behavior change. The key to this model is to identify at which stage the individual is operating and(More)
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