Miles Bannister

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In order to study the distribution and morphological classes of retinal ganglion cells that can be retrogradely labelled from the pulvinar nucleus, we made two iontophoretic injections of horseradish peroxidase into the pulvinar in each hemisphere of five macaque monkeys. The retrogradely labelled ganglion cells projecting to or through the pulvinar nucleus(More)
Neuroanatomical studies have demonstrated that the two major descending pathways from the superior colliculus arise from regionally segregated, distinct, cells of origin. Stimulation and lesion studies have implicated the crossed descending tecto-reticulo-spinal projection in approach movements towards novel stimuli whereas the ipsilateral pathway appears(More)
The Surface Science Package (SSP) consists of nine independent subsystems with the primary aim of characterising Titan's surface at the end of Huygens' descent through Titan's atmosphere in late 2004. In addition, many useful atmospheric measurements will be made during the descent phase. Seven of the subsystems are mounted inside or on the lower rim of a(More)
A 32-year-old lady presented to our ENT service with worsening tonsillitis. This was one of multiple attacks; all of which had all followed periods of self-induced vomiting due to the patient suffering with bulimia nervosa. Here we present the first ever case report of such a case of tonsillitis and a review of the literature of otolaryngology(More)
Optical time series photometry of the short period magnetic white dwarf + probable brown dwarf binary SDSS J121209.31 + 013627.7 reveals pulse-like variability in all bands from i ′ to u ′ , increasing towards bluer wavelengths and peaking at u ′. These modulations are most likely due to a self-eclipsing accretion hot spot on the white dwarf, rotating into(More)
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