Miles Bannister

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We have reviewed 22 patients at a mean of 30 years (28 to 31) after a whiplash injury. A complete recovery had been made in ten (45.5%) while one continued to describe severe symptoms. Persistent disability was associated with psychological distress but both improved in the period between 15 and 30 years after injury. After 30 years, ten patients (45.5%)(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to investigate the metabolic effects of biphasic insulin lispro 50/50 in routine clinical practice. A total of 229 patients who were ≥18 years old with diabetes, newly treated with biphasic insulin lispro 50/50, were sourced from six secondary care services in England. METHODS Detailed clinical parameters were compared at(More)
  • M Bannister
  • 2015
BACKGROUND Complications are possible following percutaneous enteral feeding in head and neck cancer patients and otolaryngologists should be aware of these as well as the possibility of liver metastases from these cancers. CASE REPORT A 53-year-old lady was treated by our service for metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of unknown primary origin. During(More)
BACKGROUND Haemoptysis is an uncommon presenting symptom to the ENT clinic and ward, but has potentially sinister aetiology. This article aims to provide a systematic and evidence-based method of managing patients with haemoptysis. METHODS The data in this article are based on a literature search performed using PubMed in August 2013. The keywords used(More)
A 32-year-old lady presented to our ENT service with worsening tonsillitis. This was one of multiple attacks; all of which had all followed periods of self-induced vomiting due to the patient suffering with bulimia nervosa. Here we present the first ever case report of such a case of tonsillitis and a review of the literature of otolaryngology(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe our experience using radiologically-guided balloon sialoplasty to successfully treat sialadenitis in two children as a single modality intervention. METHODS A retrospective case series. RESULTS Both children were successfully treated using balloon sialoplasty with complete and lasting resolution of their symptoms. CONCLUSION(More)
Optical time series photometry of the short period magnetic white dwarf + probable brown dwarf binary SDSS J121209.31 + 013627.7 reveals pulse-like variability in all bands from i ′ to u ′ , increasing towards bluer wavelengths and peaking at u ′. These modulations are most likely due to a self-eclipsing accretion hot spot on the white dwarf, rotating into(More)