Milena Weinstein

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A retrospective clinicopathologic review of 105 cases of sympathetic ophthalmia showed histologic features of prognostic significance and evaluated the role of therapy. Classic descriptions omit retinal changes, but 58.0% of our cases had retinal detachment and 42.2% showed intraretinal inflammation. The optic nerve and/or meninges were inflamed in 51%.(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The study aims were to estimate the prevalence of different types and frequencies of fecal incontinence (FI), describe demographic factors, and identify risk factors. METHODS The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) assesses health status in the civilian noninstitutionalized US population. The validated Fecal(More)
This review of recurrent inguinal hernia evaluates the possible causes of recurrence and the most effective operative procedures for successful repair. Emphasis is placed upon precise dissection technic so that whatever fascia is available after the primary operation may be utilized for the subsequent repair. A detailed study is devoted to the histologic(More)
The incidence, nature, and mechanisms of adverse reaction following postoperative T-tube cholangiogram have received little attention in the medical literature. This paper presents the experience at one hospital over a 30-month period (1975--1977) covering 139 patients who had 170 cholangiograms. Factors examined included intraoperative and postoperative(More)
The search for surgical prosthetics that do not act to promote infection has been frustrating. However, recent experience with the implantation of polyglycolic acid mesh (PGA) used as an intestinal sling has been associated with a lack of pelvic infections. To examine the basis for these observations, 1 x 1-cm pieces of biomaterials were sewn onto the(More)