Milena Vukmirović

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Primary DNA damage (single-strand breaks and crosslinks) was measured in haemolymph of n~ussel Mytilus galloprovincialis using alkaline f~l ter eluhon, and turned out to be a useful biomarker for genotoxic environmental contamination Increased frequencies of slngle-strand breaks and DNA crosslinks in natural mussel populations under the influence of urban(More)
In the recent years, artificial neural networks have been used to predict the concentrations of various gaseous pollutants in ambient air, mainly to forecast mean daily particle concentrations. The data on traffic air pollution, irrespective of whether they are obtained by measuring or modeling, represent an important starting point for planning effective(More)
1. The possibility of Aroclor 1254 and beta-naphthoflavone treated fish Mugil auratus and fish sampled in low and high polluted areas to convert some premutagens to active intermediers in the SOS umu-test have been investigated. 2. Genotoxicity of Aflatoxin b1 differed markedly upon activation with liver S9 fractions from fish with different pollution(More)
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The use of bleomycin-Fe(II) complex in the determination of DNA crosslinks by alkaline elution was investigated for the purpose of developing a simple nonradiometric method applicable for detection of DNA damage in marine organisms. The assay involves preparation of active bleomycin-Fe(II) complex and its application in the washing step of the original(More)
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