Milena Vuckovic

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PG 0014+067 is one of the most promising pulsating subdwarf B stars for seismic analysis, as it has a rich pulsation spectrum. The richness of its pulsations, however, poses a fundamental challenge to understanding the pulsations of these stars, as the mode density is too complex to be explained only with radial and nonradial low-degree (l < 3) p-modes(More)
Charge-stripe order has recently been established as an important aspect of cuprate high-Tc superconductors. However, owing to the complex interplay between competing phases and the influence of disorder, it is unclear how it emerges from the parent high-temperature state. Here we report on the discovery of an unconventional ordered phase between(More)
The dynamic variability of weather conditions and complex geometry and semantics of urban domain impose significant constraints on the empirical study of urban microclimate. Thus, numerical modeling is being increasingly deployed to capture the very dynamics of urban microclimate. In this context, the present paper illustrates the basic processes of(More)
Recent challenges in the realm of urban studies concern better understanding of microclimatic conditions. Changes in urban climate affect cities at local and global scales, with consequences for human health, thermal comfort, building energy use, and anthropogenic emissions. The extent of these impacts may vary due to different morphologies and materials of(More)
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