Milena Vilhelmová

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Based on recombinants between the B haplotypes of chickens of inbred lines CB, CC, and CB.I-B7, three new inbred lines homogeneous in transplantation and erythrocyte antigens were established by backcrossing. These newly established recombinant lines, CB.R1, CC.R1, and CC.R2, together with the original inbred lines, which differ at the B complex (MHC) and(More)
When used for pretransplantation treatment, blood of congenic chicken lines CB and CB.R1, incompatible only in the B-G region of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), differed in their ability to induce prolonged survival of skin grafts transferred from either of these lines onto recipients of a third congenic line, CC. Moreover, skin grafts from CB(More)
In a population of (CB X CC)F1 X WB hybrids, a chicken was found with a presumably recombinant haplotype, BR1, whose antigenic products detectable by hemagglutination contained determinants derived from both parental haplotypes, i.e. B1 (from CB) and B2 (from CC). This recombinant bird and its progeny from different crosses were tested by skin grafting,(More)
We have studied the pathogenic changes in Khaki Campbell ducks injected in mid embryogenesis with ALV subgroup C virus td daPR-C derived from a molecular clone. The employed duck flock was shown to be highly genetically homogeneous and was controlled for the absence of current infections. Clear symptoms of wasting disease, which appeared since one week post(More)