Milena Scaccia

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This paper presents an algorithm for the estimation of optical flow from a single, motion-blurred, color image. The proposed algorithm is based on earlier work that estimated the optical flow using the information from a single grey scale image. By treating the three color channels separately we improved the robustness of our approach. Since first(More)
This paper presents an adaptation of a vision and inertial-based state estimation algorithm for use in an underwater robot. The proposed approach combines information from an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) in the form of linear accelerations and angular velocities, depth data from a pressure sensor, and feature tracking from a monocular downward facing(More)
We consider the problem of learning in dynamical systems with hidden state. This problem is deemed challenging due to the fact that the state is not completely visible to an outside observer. We explore a candidate algorithm, which we call the Merge-Split algorithm, for learning deterministic automata with observations. This is based on the work of Gavalda(More)
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