Milena P Arciniegas

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In this Letter we report patterning of colloidal nanocrystal films that combines direct e-beam (electron beam) writing with cation exchange. The e-beam irradiation causes cross-linking of the ligand molecules present at the nanocrystal surface, and the cross-linked molecules act as a mask for further processing. Consequently, in the following step of cation(More)
The self-organization of nanocrystals has proven to be a versatile route to achieve increasingly sophisticated structures of materials, where the shape and properties of individual particles impact the final functionalities. Recent works have addressed this topic by combining various shapes to achieve more complex arrangements of particles than are possible(More)
Research on composite materials is facing, among others, the challenging task of incorporating nanocrystals, and their superstructures, in polymer matrices. Electron microscopy can typically image nanometre-scale structures embedded in thin polymer films, but not in films that are micron size thick. Here, X-ray Ptychography was used to visualize, with a(More)
Progress in the integration of nanocrystals with polymers has enabled the creation of materials for applications ranging from photovoltaics to biosensing. However, controlling the nanocrystal segregation and aggregation in the polymer phase remains a challenging task, especially because nanocrystals tend to form amorphous clusters inside the polymer matrix.(More)
Solution-phase self-assembly of nanocrystals into mesoscale structures is a promising strategy for constructing functional materials from nanoscale components. Liquid environments are key to self-assembly since they allow suspended nanocrystals to diffuse and interact freely, but they also complicate experiments. Real-time observations with single-particle(More)
We report chemical routes for the synthesis of both nanocrystals and bulk crystals of methylammonium (MA) lead halide perovskites employing N-methylformamide (NMF) as a source of MA ions. Colloidal nanocrystals were prepared by a transamidation reaction between NMF and an alkyl amine (oleylamine). The nanocrystals showed photoluminescence quantum yields(More)
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