Milena M. Head

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Electronic commerce typically lacks human warmth and sociability, since it is more impersonal, anonymous and automated than traditional face-to-face commerce. This paper explores how human warmth and sociability can be integrated through the web interface to positively impact consumer attitudes towards online shopping. An empirical study was undertaken to(More)
Compared to offline shopping, the online shopping experience may be viewed as lacking human warmth and sociability as it is more impersonal, anonymous, automated and generally devoid of face-toface interactions. Thus, understanding how to create customer loyalty in online environments (e-Loyalty) is a complex process. In this paper a model for e-Loyalty is(More)
Researchers have previously examined the Technology Acceptance Model [TAM] in many contexts, including the Internet. More recently TAM has been enhanced to include a hedonic component of enjoyment but the effect has rarely been investigated in a mobile commerce context. In addition, specific antecedents of TAM related to design aesthetics have not been(More)
Colour has the potential to elicit emotions or behaviors, yet there is little research in which colour treatments in website design are systematically tested. Little is known about how colour affects trust or satisfaction on the part of the viewer. Although the Internet is increasingly global, few systematic studies have been undertaken in which the impact(More)
In my previous editorial (September 2009), I argued that one major reason papers are accepted at top journals is that they explore intellectual blue oceans. Blue oceans are described by Kim and Maubourgne in their 2007 book. In this book and their Harvard Business Review article, they focus on blue ocean product innovations, products like the extremely(More)
As the populations of most of the world’s developed nations experience an increase in average age, a similar trend is being observed in the population of computer and Internet users. In many cases, older adults are the fastest growing computer and Internet user group in both personal and workplace contexts. However, the needs and concerns of older adults as(More)
[Collaboration is a recent trend in supply chain management (SCM) that focuses on joint planning, coordination, and process integration between suppliers, customers, and other partners in a supply chain. Its competitive benefits include cost reductions and increased return on assets, and increased reliability and responsiveness to market needs. Recent(More)
Authors Competitive Strategy Measures Information Systems Measures Strategic Fit of IS Measures Insights for Measuring Strategic Fit of IS Utility for Measuring Strategic Fit of IS Chan et al. (1997) • Respondents rate how well they agree to statements from Venkatraman’s (1989b) 6-dimension business strategic orientation (STROBE) measure of aggressiveness,(More)