Milena Lazarova

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The paper investigates the efficiency of parallel minimax algorithms for search in a game tree. The game used as a case study is a tic-tac-toe. The suggested parallel computational model exploits tree partitioning at width for each level of the game tree and is based on combination of the parallel algorithmic paradigms "manager-workers" and "asynchronous(More)
The paper compares the efficiency of several metaheuristics for solving the travelling salesman problem. Parallel computational models are suggested for ant colony optimization, simulated annealing and genetic algorithm. The models utilize multiple independent runs on multicomputer platform. The performance parameters and parallelism profiling of the(More)
The paper investigates the efficiency of parallel genetic algorithm for solving N-queens problem on a multicomputer platform. The proposed parallel computational model of the genetic algorithm is based on a parallel algorithmic paradigm of synchronous iterations. Dynamic migration of randomly selected chromosomes in a bidirectional circular model is(More)
The paper is aimed at investigating the efficiency and quality of solutions of parallel simulated annealing on shared memory and distributed memory computer platforms for solving the room assignment problem. The parallel computational model for shared memory system utilizes concurrent generation and evaluation of moves by OpenMP based multithreading.(More)
The paper presents parallel computational models of Smith-Waterman algorithm for CPU and GPU. An investigation is made of the performance parameters of computing similarity indexes between query sequences and a reference sequence using the suggested parallel programming models. Implementations for GPU based sequence alignment using nVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL as(More)
The paper presents an experimental parallel metaheuristics framework for solving combinatorial optimization of grand challenge scientific and engineering problems that has been developed based on biologically inspired metaheuristics, modeling of social behavior and cultural evolution as well as trajectory-based methods. A prototype class library for(More)
The paper suggests an algorithm for token-based adaptive load balancing for dynamically parallel computations on multicomputer platforms. The proposed algorithm for load balance is initiated and performed by the idle or under-loaded processes and requires token message circulating among the parallel processes and bearing information about the load(More)
The paper describes parallel computations for solving room assignment problem using simulated annealing on multicomputer platform. Parallel independent runs on all available processors are suggested providing both speedup of the calculations of the best final arrangement and high diversification of the independent moves in the state space. On the base of(More)
The paper presents a web based framework that provides possibility for efficient solving of a timetabling problem using parallel genetic algorithm with local search. The parallel computation model is based on a coarse-grained distributed genetic algorithm with island based local evolution of subpopulations and circular migration. A hybrid approach that uses(More)
The paper presents a software package BlueVision for parallel processing of multispectral data from remote sensing of the Earth. The purpose is to provide a software framework for high-performance analysis aimed at detection and monitoring of different natural hazards. The package consists of five modules that implement parallel computational modules for(More)
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