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Total mercury, methylmercury and selenium in mercury polluted areas in the province Guizhou, China.
The province of Guizhou in Southwestern China is currently one of the world's most important mercury production areas. Emissions of mercury from the province to the global atmosphere have beenExpand
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Porewater Distribution and Benthic Flux Measurements of Mercury and Methylmercury in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea)
The Gulf of Trieste is one of the most mercury-contaminated areas in the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by high mercury inputs from the Isonzo River whose tributary, the Idrijca River, drainsExpand
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Comparison of distillation with other current isolation methods for the determination of methyl mercury compounds in low level environmental samples
In the present paper two isolation procedures for the separation of methyl mercury compounds (MeHg) from natural water samples, followed by aqueous phase ethylation, precollection on the Carbotrap,Expand
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Mercury contamination of coastal sediments as the result of long-term cinnabar mining activity (Gulf of Trieste, northern Adriatic sea)
Abstract The Isonzo river mouth has been the source of Hg in the Gulf of Trieste (northern Adriatic sea) since the sixteenth century, making this shallow basin one of the most contaminated marineExpand
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Recovery of Mercury-Contaminated Fisheries
Abstract In this paper, we synthesize available information on the links between changes in ecosystem loading of inorganic mercury (Hg) and levels of methylmercury (MeHg) in fish. Although it isExpand
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Contamination of Mediterranean (Cote d'Azur) coastal waters by organotins and Irgarol 1051 used in antifouling paints
Abstract A survey was recently conducted to investigate concentrations of selected antifouling agents in sub-surface waters from the Mediterranean (Cote d'Azur) coastline. Substantial levels ofExpand
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Speciation of mercury in surface and deep-sea waters in the Mediterranean Sea
Abstract A summary of data recently obtained for mercury analysis and speciation (reactive Hg, total Hg and monomethylmercury (MMHg)) in filtered and non-filtered seawater samples, dissolved gaseousExpand
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Mercury in the soil-plant-deer-predator food chain of a temperate forest in Slovenia.
Total mercury and methylmercury concentrations from long-term monitoring of the terrestrial soil-vegetation-herbivore-carnivore food chain with regard to accumulation and transformation processesExpand
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Microbial mercury transformations in marine, estuarine and freshwater sediment downstream of the Idrija Mercury Mine, Slovenia
Abstract The Idrija Mine, the second largest Hg mine in the world, ceased operation in 1995, but still delivers large quantities of Hg downstream including into the northern Adriatic Sea, 100 kmExpand
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Mercury in environmental samples: Speciation, artifacts and validation
Abstract Speciation of mercury compounds in environmental samples requires rigorous analytical procedures at each stage of sample collection, treatment and measurement. Sampling, the first step, isExpand
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