Milena Arciniegas

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Research on composite materials is facing, among others, the challenging task of incorporating nanocrystals, and their superstructures, in polymer matrices. Electron microscopy can typically image nanometre-scale structures embedded in thin polymer films, but not in films that are micron size thick. Here, X-ray Ptychography was used to visualize, with a(More)
We report chemical routes for the synthesis of both nanocrystals and bulk crystals of methylammonium (MA) lead halide perovskites employing N-methylformamide (NMF) as a source of MA ions. Colloidal nanocrystals were prepared by a transamidation reaction between NMF and an alkyl amine (oleylamine). The nanocrystals showed photoluminescence quantum yields(More)
Solution-phase self-assembly of nanocrystals into mesoscale structures is a promising strategy for constructing functional materials from nanoscale components. Liquid environments are key to self-assembly since they allow suspended nanocrystals to diffuse and interact freely, but they also complicate experiments. Real-time observations with single-particle(More)
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