Mile K. Stojcev

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reliability of computer systems and networks fault reliability of computer systems and networks design and reliability analysis of a new fault-tolerant network reliability and fault tolerance fault-tolerance and reliability analysis for wireless diagnosis & fault tolerant systems design time reliability analysis of distributed fault design and reliability(More)
Static random access memories (SRAMs) enjoy a strategic position in the microelectronic industry. RAM testing is different from conventional logic testing, in many respects. RAMs are the largest and densest circuits produced. Their small feature size and huge chip size result in an enormous critical area for defects. As SRAM density becomes larger, the(More)
As VLSI ICs grow more and more powerful, designers are now building larger and ever more sophisticated systems to solve complex problems. As a result, electronic system designers are now using multiple processors in a single system, either in the form of system-on-a-chip (SoC) or in a multiprocessor board, in order to address the computational requirements(More)