Mile Ivanda

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We studied the structural properties of (Ge+SiO2)/SiO2 multilayer films, especially the influence of the deposition temperature and the parameters of subsequent annealing on the formation and spatial correlation of Ge quantum dots in an amorphous silica matrix. We showed that in-layer and inter-layer spatial correlations of the formed Ge quantum dots(More)
In a microscope of a micro-Raman spectrometer a cylindrical lens is introduced to form a line-focus microprobe (LFMP). The dimensions of the LFMP are 0.66 x 167 microm. The lateral spatial resolution of Raman scattering with the LFMP is equal to the spatial resolution of the point-focus microprobe (PFMP). It is shown that the LFMP system enables(More)
The modal dispersion of a whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonator is a very important parameter for use in all nonlinear optics applications. In order to tailor the WGM modal dispersion of a microsphere, we have coated a silica microsphere with a high-refractive-index coating in order to study its effect on the WGM modal dispersion. We used Er(3+) ions as a(More)
A simple, sensitive and selective extractive spectrophotometric method for the determination of quetiapine fumarate (QTF) in bulk drug, tablets and spiked human urine sample is described. The method is based on the formation of a chloroform extractable yellow ion-pair complex between basic nitrogen of the drug (QTF) and the dye quinoline yellow (QY) in(More)
Fiber lasers are a fast growing class of lasers due to their reliability, efficiency and flexibility. This has made fiber lasers a versatile tool for manufacturing, sensing and healthcare, not forgetting the contribution of Erbium-doped amplifiers to optical communications. Yet available wavelengths by direct emission are quite restricted to the visible and(More)
The solar cells efficiency may be improved by better exploitation of the solar spectrum, making use of the down-conversion mechanism, where one high energy photon is cut into two low energy photons. The choice of the matrix is a crucial point to obtain an efficient down-conversion process with rare-earth ions. When energy transfer between rare earth ions is(More)
Coatings of spherical optical microresonators are widely employed for different applications. Here the effect of the thickness of a homogeneous coating layer on the coupling of light from a tapered fiber to a coated microsphere has been studied. Spherical silica microresonators were coated using a 70SiO(2)- 30HfO(2) glass doped with 0.3 mol% Er(3+) ions.(More)
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy is an important technique for detection of wide number of analytes. Today, there is a growing need for the development of stable, sensitive, reproducible and portable SERS-active substrates for use in different fields. Some of the most extensively used SERS substrates are metal colloids. However, the use of the colloid(More)