Mildred Steinglass

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An intercellular interaction between mouse Ehrlich ascites tumor and non-malignant Chinese hamster cells occurred when these were co-cultured. That the intercellular processes which formed had emanated from the EA cells was revealed by immunofluoroscopy using anti-EA antiserum, and by direct microscopic examination. A passage of DNA from the EA to the CH(More)
Epithelioid cells from the livers of normal and genetically impaired (Gunn) rats were established in long-term cultures in vitro. These cells grew as flat, epithelioid cobble-stone-type monolayers and showed a diploid karyotype. They secreted rat serum albumin and proteins into their growth media and contained aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase. Such cells were(More)
Epithelial cells derived from livers of rats beamingdiethyl nitrosamine-induced hepatocancinomas were propagated in vitro and cloned. These cells exhibited acentnic nuclei and j uxtanuclear cytoplasmic lesions indistinguishable from the Mallory hyaline bodies found in the cirrhotic livers of alcoholics. The hyaline region was found to be corn pnised of a(More)
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