Milani Diego

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BACKGROUND The physiological roles of the islet hormones insulin and glucagon in the control of exocrine pancreatic secretion is not clear. It is still unknown whether these hormones have a stimulatory or an inhibitory effect on the basal exocrine pancreatic secretion. METHODS Thirty anesthetized rats were stimulated with doses of insulin and glucagon(More)
Background. Trocar Site Hernia (TSH) is defined as an incisional hernia which occurs after minimally invasive surgery on the trocar incision site.In 2004 Tonouchi classified trocar site hernias into 3 types: Early onset type; Late onset type; Special type. Case Report. We report the case of a 76-year old woman that underwent an emergency explorative(More)
In this study we used a cost-outcome analysis to evaluate our follow-up protocol for patients who had been resected for gastric cancer. We designed a descriptive cross-sectional trial through consecutive sampling of patients who had undergone resection of gastric carcinoma and were followed in our outpatient department during 1991. Serological (CEA) and or(More)
In order to analyse some prognostic factors in relation to gastric cancer, 218 patients were included in a prospective protocol at 'Hospital General de Elche' (Spain) with a follow-up of 100%. Survival curves were calculated using Kaplan-Meier analysis and compared using the log-rank test. The number of patients who underwent resection was 122 (63.5%). In(More)
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