Milan Vukov

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We present a code generation strategy for handling long prediction horizons in the context of real-time nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC). Existing implementations of fast NMPC algorithms use the real-time iteration (RTI) scheme and a condensing technique to reduce the number of optimization variables. Condensing results in a much smaller, but dense(More)
This paper validates the combination of nonlinear model predictive control and moving horizon estimation to optimally control an overhead crane. Real-time implementation of this combined optimal control and estimation approach with execution times far below the sampling time was realized through the use of automatic code generation. Besides experiments that(More)
In this note, conditions are proven under which a realtime implementable moving horizon estimation (MHE) scheme is locally convergent. Specifically, the real-time iteration scheme of [17] is studied in which a single Gauss-Newton iteration is applied to approximate the solution to the respective MHE optimization problem at each timestep. Convergence is(More)
This paper describes an experimental set-up for AWE systems. A novel approach of launching a rigid wing tethered airplane, using a rotational start-up, is presented. A test set-up performing this rotational start-up has been designed and built at KU Leuven. A scale analysis of this novel approach is conducted and provisions are made to accommodate future(More)
The objective of this paper was to investigate the characteristics of a drug addict's family structure in our culture. The investigation, involving 41 families, was performed by using a three-generational genogram and an interview. The "identified patient" was addicted to opiates. The results show that the family of a drug-addicted individual does not(More)
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