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In this paper, we introduce a class of fuzzy linear programming problems and de ne the concepts of feasible and satis cing solutions—the necessary tools for dealing with such problems. In this way, we show that the class of crisp (classical) LP problems can be embedded into the class of FLP ones. Moreover, for FLP problems we de ne the concept of duality(More)
The uncertainty of expectations and vagueness of the interests belong to natural components of cooperative situations, in general. Therefore, some kind of formalization of uncertainty and vagueness should be included in realistic models of cooperative behaviour. This paper attempts to contribute to the endeavour of designing a universal model of vagueness(More)
Using players’ Shapley–Shubik power indices, Peleg [4] proved that voting by count and account is more egalitarian than voting by account. In this paper, we show that a stronger shift in power takes place when the voting power of players is measured by their Shapley– Shubik indices. Moreover, we prove that analogous power shifts also occur with respect to(More)