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Small nations: Hroch’s typology of national movements
The paper is an interpretation of the theory of national movements of "small Nations" formulated by the Czech historian Miroslav Hroch in his book Social Preconditions of National Revival in EuropeExpand
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Unlike terrorism as the most bare and the most obvious form of political violence, extremism, as a terrorism’s starting point, is not appropriately recognized and “evaluated”, although because of itsExpand
Eric Hobsbawm: A historian in search of the future
In this paper the author interpreted the historiographic span of work of Eric Hobsbawm, one of the most famous and most influential contemporary historians. Bearing in mind the extensiveness andExpand
Hybrid nature of extremism: Cohesive characteristics of ethno-nationalism and religious extremism as generators of Balkan insecurity
It will be no mistake to say that the region of the Balkans is the site with 'good soil' for conflicts. A significant number of scholars, who have analyzed the nature of conflicts in the Balkans,Expand
Postcolonial studies and post-Soviet societies: The possibilities and the limitations of their intersection
Starting with a short review of the postcolonial studies’ origins, this paper considers the question of their application in the study of history and contemporary state of the post-SovietExpand
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Moscow, the third Rome: A contribution to history of Russian messianism, 2nd part
In the second part of the text about the Filofei’s doctrine of “Moscow, Third Rome,” the author deals with its reception in later periods of Russian intellectual and political history. AlthoughExpand
The soil and roots of Nazism: Two approaches
The paper discusses two different approaches to Nazism and the Holocaust. The first approach is different versions of the Sonderweg thesis arguing that the explanation of the "German catastrophe"Expand