Milan Savic

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In a naming task conducted with bi-alphabetic readers of Serbo-Croatian. it was shown that letter strings that can be assigned both a Roman and a Cyrillic alphabet reading incur longer latencies than the unique alphabet transcription of the same word. and that the magnitude of the difference depended on the number of ambiguous characters in the ambiguous(More)
Connection between oxidative stress and clinical outcome in acute ischemic stroke (AIS) has been poorly investigated. This study was aimed to assess redox state (through measurement of oxidative stress markers) of patients with acute ischemic stroke during different stages of follow-up period, and to find association between values of mentioned markers and(More)
BACKGROUND It is still not clear whether an intrapericardial pneumonectomy indicates a more advanced stage of the disease compared to a standard pneumonectomy. METHODS This was a retrospective study of 164 patients who underwent a pneumonectomy for lung cancer. The first group consisted of 82 patients who had a standard pneumonectomy and the second group(More)
BACKGROUND Locked-in syndrome (LIS) is a condition characterized by quadriplegia and anarthria. The most common cause is a ventral pontine lesion due to atherosclerotic basilar artery disease. METHODS Cases with LIS were prospectively identified among the patients with acute ischemic stroke over 3 years, between 2009 and 2011. Clinical characteristics,(More)
In this paper high dynamic range nonuniform two-dimensional vector quantization model for Laplacean source was provided. Semilogarithmic A-law compression characteristic was used as radial scalar compression characteristic of two-dimensional vector quantization. Optimal number value of concentric quantization domains (amplitude levels) is expressed in the(More)
– This paper presents an example of the CMOS bandgap voltage reference design. Proposed circuit is evaluated with a set of simulations. Simulation results show the circuit performance. Circuit exhibits the nominal temperature coefficient of 6 ppm/°C, and dc power supply rejection of 130 dB.